How long does it take?
Once we get started, a project can usually be completed in 4 to 6 weeks. Add time from there if there are multiple revisions to the design and add a couple of weeks if the project requires engineering.
How much does it cost?
Although every project varies, after gathering a few details about your project, I can usually provide an estimate. New construction is usually based on covered square footage. Additions, remodels, and red-tags are based on the complexity of the project.
Do you already have plans I can use that I don’t have to pay for?
At minimum, site plans and energy calculations will always have to be different. It has been my experience that clients that find a layout they like will always want to customize it to better suit their needs. Since 1998, I have not yet had a customer be able to use a set of plans “as-is”.
Do you come to my house or do I go to your office?
I almost always visit the building site to complete my assessment of the project. We can meet where convenient as needed.
What forms of payment do you take?
I accept cash, check, Venmo, or credit card. If paying by credit card, there will be an additional processing fee.
I started an addition without a permit and the county told me to stop working on it. Can you help?
Yes. I would have to come out to take a look at the project to evaluate if any changes would be needed and I can create the plans you would need to receive permits.
Don’t I need a licensed Architect?
Accurate Illustrations specializes in residential designs for new custom homes, additions, and remodels. Many people think this work can only be done by a licensed Engineer or Architect. While we sometimes partner with an Engineer to incorporate calculations into the plans (i.e., a large span or second story), Accurate Illustrations Drafting Services meets all California Residential Building Code requirements for creating plans to receive building permits.