Types of Projects

New Custom Homes

Lot placement, aesthetics, functionality, and flow are all key aspects needed to incorporate into your design. Whether large or small, Accurate Illustrations can create the plans needed for your dream home.


If you already have the house you want, in the location you want, and you just need to add some extra space or improve the flow, Accurate Illustrations can help you create a home you will love. That could be done with a remodel that uses existing space more efficiently or an addition that actually adds square footage, or both.


An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary house or apartment built on the same lot as a larger, primary house. ADUs have become more popular with the passage of legislation that encourages Californians to build them by easing building restrictions in order to help with the housing shortage. Whether you want to build a custom ADU, adapt a plan you found online, or complete a set of pre-approved plans from the city, Accurate Illustrations has the expertise you need.


We can help you turn an existing single-family home into a duplex, or design a duplex from the ground up. Detached Structures · Sometimes what you need is just a little more space. A new, detached garage, shop, or pool house might be just the extra square footage you need.

Retail Tenant Improvements

When you lease a retail space that doesn’t have a layout that works for your business, you need to make a tenant improvement. For this type of commercial project, Accurate Illustrations can help with the space assessment and design needs. The plans we provide can be combined with mechanical, electrical, or plumbing (MEP) plans from a specialist in those areas, to be submitted for permits. For more complex projects, you will need an Engineer. I can help with referrals.